Dark Blue Almost Black

Dark Blue Almost Black

When Jorge was a young man, his father suffered a stroke, which caused him to put his future aspirations on wait. Jorge is now an adult. It has been seven years since he has devoted himself to taking care of his ailing father while also maintaining a job as a janitor and attending school on a part-time basis to earn a degree in business. Jorge has a change in his feelings for Natalia after she returns from a period of time spent studying abroad. At this point, Jorge begins to long for a more satisfying relationship. He is determined to get a new and better career, but he discovers that no one would accept him because his only relevant experience is as a janitor. He is desperate. Antonio, Jorge's older brother who will soon be released from prison, is an opportunist who has never gotten along with their father. Jorge and Antonio have been estranged from one other for their whole lives. Antonio meets the lovely Paula, a young woman who is serving time for drug charges, at a workshop that is held in the correctional facility where he is housed. Paula is in trouble because she engaged in inappropriate behavior with the boyfriend of one of the other inmates.
Duration: 105 min
Country: Spain

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